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Celebrate the beauty of real gardens created by real people.

Gardening doesn’t have to break the bank or be overly complex, and a vast backyard isn’t a prerequisite. I started with a modest 1500 square feet, and it’s proven more than sufficient for my small family.

Our Mission at Patch Petal

At Patch Petal, we’re on a mission to share our gardening journey, from the successes to the mishaps, with the hope that you can learn from our experiences. Gardening goes beyond merely planting seeds; it’s a holistic adventure. As you navigate through our blog, discover valuable insights on:

  • Creating efficient raised beds
  • Mastering the no-dig method for soil enhancement
  • Simplifying composting for all gardeners
  • Starting and maintaining seedlings with ease
  • Expert tips on plant care, watering, and weeding
  • Smart storage solutions for your harvest in the root cellar
Our Mission At Patch Petal

Meet our team

Welcome to Patch Petal, where our diverse team of green thumbs shares practical gardening tips. Join us and cultivate your own slice of paradise with Patch Petal!

Shirley Rogers
Founder, Editor & Gardening Writer
Carolyn Kegley
Certified Gardener & Writer
Paul Boyd
Certified Gardener & Writer
Nancy Harrison
Certified Gardener & Writer

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